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Exercise overload.

I hurt everywhere ... every muscle in my body. Even my poor little fingers on the keyboard hurt. (Though, that could be from excessive word count and not so much the working out things ...)

I took a couple of pain killers, and I'm hoping yoga tonight will relax the angry muscles and not make it worse. Because I'm going to yoga regardless.

In other news ... I wore a skirt to work today ... let's just say that it's a good thing when I sit at my desk, I'm in a cube with walls that go to the floor ... because I don't sit in my chair like a lady in a skirt should.
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We now have flex shifts at work. We come to work between 7:30-9:00 and leave after an 8 hour day - between 4:00-5:30. It doesn't matter what time between 7:30-9:00 that we clock in - if we clock in at 7:42 that means our day is over at 4:12. It's flexable day to day and as long as you're at work by 9:00am everyone's happy.

My old shift was 8:30-5:00 ... typically this meant I would get to work at about 8:35 because I am not a morning person.

When we went to flex time, my team assumed the early birds would come earlier and the late risers would be later. The opposite has happened. I have been to work before 8:30 all week, and 2 of my co-workers that used to come in at 8:00 have straggled in at 5 till 9. It's very odd.

Since I worked over this week, I'm using 2 hours as flex time and leaving 2 hours early today (our only stipulation is no one can leave the office before 2pm.) I made it to work today at 8:10 ... I get to leave at 2:10! For me, this is huge. My one co-worker looked at me this morning, looked at her clock, and looked back at me and I cracked up. My boss even gave me a high five for being at work, and looking awake before 8:30 ... which may be because I've probably NEVER managed that before today.

So at 2:10 I get to clock out and start my weekend ... YAY! I have lunch plans, then it's off to get my hairs cut at 3:45 ... I think I've decided on something between the 3rd and 4th picture length wise, but with bangs more like the 3rd picture. I can always trim my bangs shorter myself if they're to long, but if they're to short, they'll torture me till they grow.

Then tonight ... writing. I HAVE TO WRITE. I've been a sick slacker for a whole week, and it has to end.
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So I fell short of my goal of having 25% of my writing done by the end of the month. In the last 3 days I've written maybe 500 words ... I'd have to write about 4000 tonight to hit my goal of 25% ... and I'm not even going to try that. I just feel to icky and I think when I get home, writing will be the last thing on my mind.

I'm skipping Zumba tonight. The cold medicine is working on the cold, but it's also making me even sleepier then I would be without it. I don't think jumping around would be a good thing. I am going to get on the treadmill, put my nook up on the bookrest and walk slowing while I read for a while. I can usually get a couple of miles in that way - and it's very low impact. Zumba, not so much. I packed clothes, but I think I'll just leave them at work and they'll be ready for Yoga tomorrow night.

Yup. That's the plan. Make it through the work day and go home. Maybe some chicken noodle soup for dinner.
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That about sums up today. I just feel ucky. A little tired, a little achy, and a little stuffy.

I'm pondering skipping zumba ... but I feel like if I miss one class it'll open me up to talk myself out of going to other classes. We have a new teacher this time and it's her first time teaching ... and she's just not real good at teaching and she's hard to follow. When we point out to her that we're lost she just says we'll catch on eventually. Thanks. I'm sure I'll suck it up and go ... I paid for the classes, so I may as well go and do what I can and make-up with I can't do.

Hopefully I'll feel better by tonight.
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I love Friday's during Lent at my office.

I haven't been a Catholic for many, many, many years, and I don't do anything else related to Lent ... but I LOVE Lenten fish frys. Especially fish from the place out office orders from. It's a little local church that makes the best fish and they have a great menu .... even crab cakes (which are amazing!)

Yummy. Today fish sandwich and fries. Next week, I'll probably do the crab cakes.

Hmmm ... I wonder if Lent the bunny likes Lenten fish frys ... we shall see!
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Seeing as NCIS is the only redeeming thing about tomorrow ... it better be good.

As a related side note - my job makes me giggle. Tomorrow is a casual day and a 'wear red or pink for heart health month' ... uh hu ... out of all the days this month you pick tomorrow? So not wearing pink/red feels like a snub to heart health and not a snub to what tomorrow is. I'm onto you job ... you just want us to look all cheery for that dead saint holiday.


Feb. 13th, 2012 09:51 am
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Tonight starts another session of Zumba classes! I'm super excited since I've really missed them. The last class I had was the week of Thanksgiving. It'll be nice to get back into them.

Mondays and Wednesdays I'll have Zumba class after work and on Thursdays I'll have Yoga. Tuesdays naturally I didn't schedule anything. I'll just have to run on the treadmill at home while I watch NCIS.

Is it tonight yet?


Jan. 30th, 2012 04:28 pm
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My church meeting tonight was canceled ... that means I have time to WRITE! Yay! I'm super excited ... I cleared my calendar tonight for this meeting, and now I have lots of free time! :) And here I didn't think I would get the chance to write today.
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Busy day ...

House dusted .... check
Treadmill cleaned and oiled ... check
Taxes filed (state and govt) ... check

Only things left ...

Laundry (which I can't do until my mom is done with hers)
Vacuuming (because the cat is asleep in the middle of the floor)

The most thrilling part of the day.

Nothing owed to anyone, and a bit of a refund coming back to me.
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Watching "Nature of the Beast" since it's what's in rerun for NCIS tonight ... since there isn't a new one ... GRR!

And it hurts every time Ziva says Ray's name.

In other news ... I almost hit a pink plastic kids kitchenette on the way home. It blew into the road while I was driving home. Strange a little scary.
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Am I walking around my office in slippers instead of shoes?


I justify it with the fact that they're Vera Wang slippers (Ok ... Simply Vera from Kohls ... but still) and are actually very cute cream suede tops with a cute silky flower with jewels in the center. They're actually cuter than my shoes.
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So I posted 2 new stories on my lj writing comm, imported them here, then realized I had a typo. Not the most fun thing to fix.

And the crossposted entries are WAY down on my reading page. I'm not totally in love with the way it looks. I may just post on both sites in the future, or just link at lj that it's posted here. We'll see.

I think I'm gonna go cross-post some of the stuff I've written in the last few weeks to some lj comms just for the heck of it. After all, my new years plans are chilling on the sofa, and watching the ball drop in a little while.

Ugh ... NCIS is on and it's Ray and Ziva and the empty box thing. I hate that scene. Mostly because I don't understand how Ziva went from "we're not talking" to "he's my boyfriend" to "tell them I'll divorce you" in such a small time. That whole story line was just awkward.
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Did you know that “yield” means “speed up and cut people off, force them into the left hand lane, then don’t let back into the lane they were in so they could make the exit”.

Yup. Learned that from a driver this morning who decided hitting the gas was better than hitting the break at the highway entrance ramp.

I'm just thankful no one was in the left hand lane.
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Overheard in my office:

Person 1: I keep thinking it's Thursday.
Person 2: It is Thursday.
Person 1: Oh. Crap.


Dec. 22nd, 2011 08:52 am
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All cozy at dw with an imported journal. So far, I'm a fan. Think I may stay here and just crosspost to lj. As for landcomms ... I'll do those wherever they end up ... but I think the personal journal, and eventually the writing journal is migrating.


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