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My coworkers are talking about Freaky Friday ... and all I can think is NCIS!!! She's on NCIS this week! :) It's a little Freaky Friday reunion! YAY!!!

And they have no clue why I'm so amused by their conversation, because they are in no way discussing NCIS.
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Aww .... sort of cute ... lol.
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Seeing as NCIS is the only redeeming thing about tomorrow ... it better be good.

As a related side note - my job makes me giggle. Tomorrow is a casual day and a 'wear red or pink for heart health month' ... uh hu ... out of all the days this month you pick tomorrow? So not wearing pink/red feels like a snub to heart health and not a snub to what tomorrow is. I'm onto you job ... you just want us to look all cheery for that dead saint holiday.

Story Rec

Feb. 12th, 2012 10:22 pm
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I don't typically rec stories, but I love this one:


It's what I wanted the 200th episode to be. It's dark, and tragic, and beautiful.
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I've sort of lost my excitement for NCIS tonight. This happens every time it's on in Canada on Monday. Even thought I haven't read any spoilers, I already feel like I'm going to be let down.

Maybe I just won't watch it?
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Watching "Nature of the Beast" since it's what's in rerun for NCIS tonight ... since there isn't a new one ... GRR!

And it hurts every time Ziva says Ray's name.

In other news ... I almost hit a pink plastic kids kitchenette on the way home. It blew into the road while I was driving home. Strange a little scary.


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