Jul. 12th, 2013

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1. I have callouses on my arms from doing dolphin planks at yoga all week .... weird. Even weirder is the one on my left arm is worse than my right.

2. I had sushi for dinner ... spicy tuna! Yummy! My stomach is very happy with me.

3. I cleaned up my lj followers and my tumblr - I would clean up my twitter, but I don't use it enough to bother, and I'm not even sure that I know my login info.

4. I survived the work week! My boss was off, so I was doing her job and my job. I even took a phone call from one of the people we dread ... I'm so glad the week is over.

5. Yay! Weekend. I have a a picnic to go to tomorrow, probably yoga, and a little bit of shopping. Nice and relaxing. There will be some furniture moving and clean up this week too ... but at least it's the weekend.

6. One of the local churches had fireworks tonight, and I got to watch them from my window. Very cool!

7. I've almost mastered doing a wheel in yoga! Yay! I'm seeing improvement from going to class 4 or more times a week which is awesome! Plus I'm much more relaxed.


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